Colourful, Modern Brand Identity Design

Working with Shilpa on the branding for her business Mindset, Mimi & Me was just wonderful! We had both worked with Bloc + Rose on our brand strategies, and after getting to know each other on the group calls for ‘The Bloc – Brand Container‘, Shilpa asked me to design her new branding.

At Mindset, Mimi & Me, the goal is to empower kids with self-worth by igniting their imagination. Shilpa translates the wisdom and self-development you have learned on your journey of self discovery into a language that kids love: storytelling, poetry and art.

See all of the details of the branding below – Shilpa wanted the branding to be bright and colourful, and to feel that it made sense for a brand creating poetry and art to appeal to children. It also needed to be well designed and modern enough to appeal to parents to because they are the ones who would be finding the business and buying the products to have in their homes. A last puzzle piece is that the branding needed to speak to Shilpa’s cultural roots – I did this through the shapes, motifs and colours used.

Note the shape of the Elephants trunk which is mirrored in the letter M throughout the logos and icons. Colourful confetti, lotus flower shapes, and the teal mixed with the brighter colours all make this branding feel unique and fun with a modern edge.

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