If you feel like you have a great grasp on where your business is heading and you need to partner with a designer that can execute your vision flawlessly, then I'm so super excited that you landed here!

I'd love to work with you during this 2 week experience to build on the wonderful foundation you already have and take your brand identity from 'good' to 'even better than you imagined'!

We'll be in-touch via Voxer through the whole 2 weeks; after making a plan of action during week one, I'll execute the plan and bring your vision to life during week two, delivering your stunning new brand identity files by the end of the two week process.

i'll be your design partner for 2 weeks in this collaborative process to take your brand INTO THE NEW SEASON YOU'VE BEEN PLANNING




You are looking to add to, refresh, or redesign your existing branding SO IT'S MORE IN LINE WITH YOUR VISION. 


You know what you like and dislike. if you struggle with decision making this PROCESS won't be a great fit FOR YOU

this is a great fit for you if...


you love the work i've done in the past. your design will be unique but you need to feel DRAWN TO MY STYLE


You are comfortable with chatting via voice messaging. we need to keep in touch but I like to do so in a way that fits
around day-to-day life.

IF THis SOUNDS LIKE YOU, THEN you're in the right place

My full brand identity process is great for new businesses or those that need more guidance along the way and more time to feedback at each stage.

However, I noticed that the length of time it realistically takes was a barrier for some, so I've created a system for working in a snappier way that still fits around day-to-day life.

I have a young family BUT I still like to GET THINGS DONE. The process I've put together means we can collaborate throughout the two week process WITHOUT being glued to our computer screens or phones.

Let me introduce you to a little app called Voxer. It's super similar to Whatsapp (in that it's a text and voice messaging app), except that if we both have the app open, the voice notes act a bit like walkie talkie messages and can be heard in real time - FUN!

If we're not both on the app at the same time, it's absolutely fine and that's the beauty of it. The voice notes are there to be listened to and replied to as and when we're able.

Text messages, photos, and links can also be sent via the app. It's free and you don't use a phone number to log-in.


Bear in mind that although this is a two week process, the 'design days' are two 4 hr sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday during the second week. This is when the bulk of the design work will be done, but tweaks and changes can be made during the rest of the second week.

We CANNOT achieve a full brand identity design for a brand new business during this time. You'll need to have been in business for at least a year or so, and have a good grasp on how you want your brand to 'feel' and who your products and/or services are for.

WE CAN refresh a full brand identity (including multiple logo types, colour palette, textured/pattern backgrounds, type hierarchy).

OR we can create a completely new MINI brand identity (including main logo, secondary logo, colour palette, type hierarchy)

OR we can add to an existing brand identity - think pattern or painted texture designs, and a suite of illustrations/icons, or even a sub-brand or assets for a new programme or course.

You can book more than one design intensive! If you have a larger project in mind get in touch - we can add more design days into a slightly longer timeframe

How much can we achieve during the 2 weeks?

in 2 installments

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"I'm ready to invest!"



Meg is a lovely human and I'm thrilled with the care and thoughtfulness she put into my brand design. Absolutely cannot recommend her enough - if you want something custom curated, meaningful and of the highest quality - Lemon & Birch is your best bet.

“I'm thrilled with the care and thoughtfulness Meg put into my brand design”


Meg has been amazing throughout the whole process and really captured the spirit of my brand and brought it to life. It's everything I wanted and so much more. I couldn't be happier with the final outcome. I had the full brand identity package and it was worth every single penny, you get so much for your money. Meg was helpful even after the branding was complete with tips on how to use Canva and super helpful with helping me set up print files too.

“It's everything I wanted and so much more”

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