You have a multi-step 1to1 service that you've been delivering for a while now.

You know your process works, your clients tell you so. There's just one thing that

You feel like you're on the constant service delivery hamster wheel whether you have client projects staggered, back-to-back, or your projects are simply long-term. Although you love what you do, it leaves no room for dreaming, planning, and creating.

leT ME paint a picture

Perhaps you're:

  • Beginning to notice telltale signs of burnout
  • Beginning to feel resentful of all the time you're dedicating to one specific type of work
  • Ready to experiment and bring more facets to your business - you have multiple passions and want to grow outside of the box you've built for yourself
  • Yearning for a sense of spaciousness, with room to rest, play, and spend more time with your loved ones. That was  a big reason for becoming self-employed, right?!


As a brand identity designer, my client projects involve quite a few steps from booking through to the client launching their new branding.

After 6 years of working on these large projects I was feeling completely out of love with the business I'd built.

I didn't want to stop doing the creative work I love, I just wanted it to FEEL different. I wanted the time and headspace to dream and create other income streams rather than feeling stuck on a hamster wheel.

Nothing changes if nothing changes, so I experimented with some different 1to1 service setups and finally created a pay-as-you-go method that works beautifully for me and my clients.

Hi 👋🏻 I'm Meg Harrop from Lemon & Birch

Want to hear all about it and how it could work for your business? Walk this way

  • 3 part video series that's 50 mins in total with closed captions and slide downloads
  • Watch it right away, you'll be redirected to the video page once you've paid, no logins required
  • You'll also be emailed the link
  • You'll have access for the lifetime of the product (at least 12 months)


I'd love to share with you how and why I broke my 1to1 service down into pay-as-you-go sections. Each stage is a potent, soft edged container of action that moves us along just enough. The client gets a tangible outcome, and I get to tick off a stage and have it leave my brain until the client is ready to move forward again.

Hello sweet calendar white space for me AND flexible, financially accessible services for my clients - a magical combination.

Video 1: 12 mins
An introduction to what pay-as-you go services are, why you might want to offer them, and the background info about why I created this type of offer.

Video 2: 14 mins
Behind the scenes of my pay-as-you-go service, the deliverables I offer, exactly how it's delivered, and what my clients say about this style of service.

Video 3: 21 mins
12 things to consider when creating your own pay-as-you-go service, pros and cons, software considerations, marketing your service and final thoughts.  

BONUS: Access to the private, client & student only spaces inside my circle community! You can post any questions you have for me to answer directly.

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Sign me up for £9! >>

I'll take you behind-the-scenes and talk about how and why I made the change, the exact setup I have (like how it works and the deliverables at every stage), and what my clients are saying. 

I'm also going to talk about the pros and cons, things to consider, what stage this might work at for your business, and when it's probably NOT the right time to implement it.

Even if you decide this exact setup isn't quite right for your business you absolutely will gain an interesting perspective on delivering 1to1 services in a spacious and accessible way.

need to hear more details?

Feel free to email me at, but here are some frequently asked questions: 

Q: Is this beginner friendly?
A: If you just started your business this might not be a great fit for you. I wouldn't suggest offering pay-as-you-go services right at the beginning of your business journey. It's best to think about once you've been delivering services for a while and are more confident in your process. You are still very welcome to buy though because it may well spark some thoughts and ideas in your mind about accessibility of services and what you might want to offer in the future.

Q: Is there expensive tech involved in delivering pay-as-you-go services?
A: It can be as cost effective as you need it to be. I personally use a bespoke platform, but I'll give you ideas for how you can implement this on a website you already have, using tools you might well already be using like calendly (calendar booking) and stripe or paypal (payment processors). 

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: No I do not offer refunds at this time on low cost products such as this one. You can read more terms and conditions here.


Let me show you how I brought more ease and flow into my business with pay-as-you-go services 😍

You've  Made It this Far

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