Here's what I know to be true.



Strong, tenacious, challenging the status quo

A business owner building success on your terms

Craving structure and form for your vision

Your paradoxes make sense in person, but how do you give them space in your branding? How do you weave those seemingly opposing parts of you and your brand together into something that feels cohesive?

Feminine, gentle, and introverted

A soft, intuitive caregiver

Creatively chaotic and full of ideas

I'm holding space for all that you are AND PUTTING THE POWER BACK IN YOUR HANDS

I'll show you...

1. The process of reviewing what you already have for your brand and deciding on what new assets you need

2. The function of the various assets in your branding - like what does your logo actually need to do?

3. Putting together a mood board that draws from different themes and parts of your brand, so your branding will feel uniquely yours, paradoxes and all

4. The basics of coming up with a concept from your mood board and tips and tricks for creating and finding design assets yourself

5. My best advice for ensuring your new branding feels cohesive

6. The basics of rolling new branding out across your business - file types and sizes you'll need for web, emails, social media, and print.

The result? You'll walk away with a structure to follow, knowledge of ways to make your branding feel oh-so-sincerely YOU, and the necessary tools to give you momentum to begin your rebrand.

Louise Maidment

"I asked for help to sort out my colour palette and did not expect to come away with such tangible results. I got so much value out of the session and would thoroughly recommend"


"From the moment I started working with Meg I was confident I would walk away with branding that I loved - and I did. The process was quick, smooth and worry-free"


"I thoroughly enjoyed the process of unfolding the design with Meg. She listens, interprets, welcomes feedback, evolves, collaborates."


"Meg explained things to me in an accessible way and the fog lifted. I now feel that I have a good foundation to work from and some clear goals to work with."


Let's break it down


+ Templated mood board & creative direction in Notion
+ Notes, key points, tasks to help you get the most out of the training


Video training

+ 5 part video masterclass
+ Watch any time inside my Online Course Cabin - The Tree House
+ Any future updates will be accessible to you


Templates + notes


+ Access to the community side
of the Tree House with client/student only areas where you can ask questions and post about your progress through the course 




Watch the first video for free by signing up to my Course Cabin - The Tree House

hi, new friend!

I'm Meg, and I'm happy you're here.

My superpower is channelling creative chaos into meaningful layered brand identities. I want to share some of that magic with you!

Together we’ll run through the process I use with my 1to1 clients to rebrand their businesses, and give you all the inspiration and knowledge you need to get going with this yourself, whether you engage a designer to create some fancy bits or not.

You'll walk away with a structure and the necessary tools to begin your rebrand.

Still undecided?

Maybe these Qs and As will clear things up.

What if I don't already have branding, is this for me? 

In a word, YES! Even if you technically don't have a logo or branding you still have certain design things you gravitate towards. Reviewing what you already have is a just a part of the training and I firmly believe it's relevant to everyone.

What is a Notion template? 

Notion is a tool for creating simple, modular web pages. These pages can be private or open for the link to be shared with others. It's easy to drag and drop things, create to do lists and other useful sections, and it's a great way for me to share a templated version of the branding roadmap with you. You'll be able to copy it to your own account so you have a private version (there is a free plan) and edit the page  as you wish.

What if I don't have any graphic design skills?

That's fine! This training isn't really about the actual design portion of creating branding - It's about giving you the branding knowledge and the options of what you can do if you want to do some or all of the design yourself, and what parts are perhaps best to outsource.

Don't walk away from rebrand clarity!

I'm ready to hit the road! >>

You've  Made It this Far