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HERE YOU'LL FIND a curated list of my most highly recommended apps, RESOURCES, and tools for RUNNING your online business. i do receive commission for some of the links below (always shown with an asterisk*), but every single thing i share is something that i have personally used AND LOVE, something i've created myself, or something i have personally bought. ANY COMMISSION I EARN IS AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.

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Proposals, contracts, and so much more!*

There are tonnes of different business apps out there for invoicing and expense tracking and I've tried and tested a few of them. I don't think there are any that are quite so comprehensive or as simple to use as AND.CO*

Dubsado is one app that I hear may people saying is the holy grail for service based business owners, and if you use it and love it then FAB! But for me, there was a lot of setup involved for the very few clients I have per month.

I feel like there was very little setup involved with AND.CO! Contracts and Proposals are SO EASY to create - you enter a few details about the project and it creates a fully formed contract for you (backed by the freelancers union) that you can send to be signed in a few clicks.

It also allows me to collect deposits from my clients when they sign their contract, send invoices, setup recurring payments for ongoing services, track expenses, track time, create to do much good stuff!

WIth other business tools I've used, I've always ended up becoming annoyed with various aspects of it, but with AND.CO there really isn't anything I don't like about it. When I've had small suggestions I've shared them with the brilliant customer support team and often, they're able to make the suggestions a reality with their next software updates. They're constantly improving an already amazing product!

Invoicing, proposals, contracts, payments and recurring/subscription payments

Expense tracking, reports

Time tracking and task management


Showit Website Templates by Fleurir Online*

It might come as a surprise to you that my website started life as a template design. I mean, does it look like a template website to you? It certainly doesn't to me, and I have seen A LOT of websites for female business owners. 

What Louise at Fleurir Online has done with her templated designs is build in just enough structure so that you can customise things to get them perfectly aligned with your brand, whilst still maintaining the layout and flow of a high-converting website.

Louise is a Brand and Marketing Strategist and Designer - she knows what's needed to create a website that is easy to navigate, functional, and BEAUTIFUL!

I love the fact that there were specifically designed pages for my service offerings, a lead magnet page, plus areas throughout where she'd placed 'freebie download' buttons to link through to the lead magnet page.

Louise creates these templates on Showit, which is an amazing website builder that allows you to have access to the power of blogging with Wordpress. Before creating this website with my template from Fleurir Online I was using WIX and I was always so worried that my website wasn't future proof. With the combination of Showit and Wordpress I feel like there's nothing I can't do in the future.

Wordpress is really powerful, and my website can now have anything coded as an add-on in the future. I can also do so much myself within the Showit build platform itself, like adding a digital shop and creating more pages and changing up the design as and when I need to!


You get a gorgeous, fully customisable website that's built for conversions

Accessing your website template is as easy as inputting the code in your Showit account!

Louise has built a library full of helpful videos to guide you through customising your new website and getting it live!


A Home-base for your business

Ever written down your brand values, or the colour codes for your brand palette on a piece of paper or notebook...then totally forgot where you put your notes? I used to do this constantly until I found NOTION.

NOTION has endless possibilities - you can create and customise it exactly to your needs. I've created a home-base for my business where I keep track of my projects, to-do lists, cashflow, and perhaps the most useful bit, all the details about my brand.

Having the explanation of my brand, my brand values and ideal customer details all in one place has been a game changer! I can refer back to it often when I'm dreaming up new ideas for my business. I make sure everything fits within my values so that my brand makes sense on a wider level. 

I created a template version of my layout to get you started! It includes every page I use in my business, plus little light bulb icons with tips about how to use each page. Just fill in your email below so I can send you the template link!



Get started for free and only pay for an account if you need to use more pages

Download my template layout to help you see the possibilities and how Notion works

Let me know how you get on with it!