I get it. Working out how to translate all the aspects
of your brand into one visual identity feels confusing...

Society tells us we should be ONE thing, when we are so complex as humans it is impossible to ever be ONE thing or the other. Similarly, our brands and businesses are a beautiful balance of opposing and contrasting things.

This is exciting! Let's discover the balance that's right for you and unfurl your brand identity together.


YOU'RE ALSO IN THE RIGHT PLACE IF any of these resonate with you...

🍃You feel confused about how to represent all that you do in your brand identity design

🍃You're unsure how to translate the words of how you want your brand to feel into visuals

🍃You've been in business for a year or more and are ready to up-level your brand identity

🍃You're an artist, designer-maker, or product based business

🍃OR you're a service provider, like a photographer, coach, or consultant.

🍃OR your business feels like it's a combination
of things - industries, offer types, or themes

I'll hold space for all that you are

Get ready...

We'll work on your branding together, in phases. Oh, and it's Pay-As-You-Go. Fun, right?!

Step one involves discovery, step two is mood boarding to get clear on the creative direction, and step three is the design and development of the foundational aspects of your brand identity.

You'll have a new logo, colour palette, branding elements, and a style guide so you can get your new identity out there.

Then, in the phases beyond this, we'll work together to expand and build out your visual identity further if you feel this is what you need.


"Meg did a brilliant job of interpreting everything I wanted from a brand into a beautiful design - it was a really effortless and organic process"


"I thoroughly enjoyed the process of unfolding the
design with Meg. She listens, interprets, evolves,
collaborates - it was a wonderful experience."

helena murphy - helena rose photography

"She held space for my ideas as well as suggesting improvements. I am in love with my new logo, colours, fonts and brand elements - it's taken my business to a new level."


Pay-as-you-go brand identity design for the slow and
sustainable dreamers.

You need an accessible branding process, where you're able to honour your energy levels, both through the day to day, and over the seasons and cycles of your year. Investing a large chunk of your valuable time, energy, and money upfront isn't realistic right now. But breaking things down into manageable steps, with the added flexibility of voice notes or asynchronous video for communication feels like a winning combination for you 🙌🏼

omg this sounds amazing! >>






Let's break it down


You'll create an account in my online portal, the Tree House, by purchasing 'Unfurl your Brand'.
In your account you'll have access to:
+ 3x introductory videos running through the design process
+ Workbook to gather all your biz info, thoughts, and ideas in one place
+ Secret booking links for the
rest of the process!
+ Access to 'client only' spaces inside the Tree House Community 


Book  1to1 session

Book a 1to1 day with me via your account. We'll chat via voice notes on an app called Voxer*
+ Together we'll run through your workbook
+ We'll  create a collaborative mood board on Pinterest and decide on the visual direction for your branding
+ After the day, I'll deliver a finalised pdf mood board and colour palette with hex codes
(*can span 2 days if your time zone differs to mine)


We unfurl your brand identity sustainably, through an ebb and flow of work and rest




Book more design sprints to build further on your brand identity!




Book a 1 or 2 week design sprint with me! (Subject to my availability, 2 weeks is £1100)
+ I'll hit the ground running with the help of the mood board and colour palette we finalised, and create the foundational assets for your brand identity.
+ We'll keep in touch via Voxer and you'll have the chance to feedback twice.
+You'll receive your new brand identity assets at the end of the process!

Book a design sprint


SO how will this work?

Want to see behind the scenes of the online portal and how it works?

Perfect! I made this video for you.

I'm so happy you're here

When I was a girl I loved to spend hours doing calligraphy (I still remember getting a proper set of ink pens for my birthday once and a calligraphy practice book 😍).

I used to say that I got lost for a while, when I didn't do anything with these skills for a decade after I left school. But as I get older and (slightly) wiser I think there are lessons and experiences we have to go through in order to grow in other ways.



“It'll be the best investment you ever make!”


I've adored the experience of working with Meg on my branding and I'm totally in love with the final result. The concept she came up with was so stunning and so me - I still can't quite believe it's mine! If you're thinking about working with her, just do it. It'll be the best investment you ever make!

“It's everything I wanted and so much more”


Meg has been amazing throughout the whole process and really captured the spirit of my brand and brought it to life. It's everything I wanted and so much more. I couldn't be happier with the final outcome. Meg was helpful even after the branding was complete with tips on how to use Canva and super helpful with helping me set up print files too.

“It's really taken my business to a new level”


The whole process was professional, smooth and easy. She really held space for my ideas as well as suggesting improvements and tweaks. I am in love with my new logo, colours, fonts and brand elements - it's really taken my business to a new level.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the process of unfolding the design with Meg”


I am beyond thrilled with the resulting logo, it's stunning and captured my brief perfectly. I'm also sad to be concluding our design sprint time together, as I thoroughly enjoyed the process of unfolding the design with Meg. She listens, interprets, welcomes feedback, evolves, collaborates - it was a wonderful experience

I'm lucky to have worked with some brilliant business, take a look at what my clients have to say about working together.


Still undecided?

Maybe these Qs and As will clear things up.

What if I change my mind, do I have to continue in the process?

I'll be sad if you change your mind, but it's totally OK! There will be no refund on anything already paid and completed, but there is no obligation to continue on working with me. If you'd like your account on the Tree House closed completely you can email my support team and they'll action that. 

What exactly is the Tree House?

Ooooh I'm so glad you asked! It's my online Portal and community space. Any courses, trainings, and productised services I offer are hosted on the Tree House. You sign up when you purchase one of my offerings and everything you need is inside your account! There is also a lovely online community attached to the Tree House, and you'll have access to 'client only' spaces. It's a place to gather, learn from each others' stories, connect, get feedback etc. 

How many revisions do I get?

You get 2 rounds of revisions on any design work I create. In the unlikely event that something doesn't work for you, you are welcome to pay for further revisions by booking another design sprint, or by paying a simple hourly rate. There is never any obligation to continue our working relationship together, so you'll also be able to take your files and have someone else work on them if you wish.

What's Voxer and why do we use it for communication?

Voxer is a free app that allows us to send voice notes of any length to each other. It is similar to Whatsapp, except that if we both have the app open at the same time, it's a bit like a walkie talkie and we can hear the message in real time. If we don't both have the app open, that's fine and that's the beauty of it! It's a really flexible way of communicating that allows us to pause for thought in between each message.

My promise to you.

I promise that we'll take the branding process at a pace that works for you. There's absolutely no pressure to book things in quick succession, or book more design work, but please do allow me the space and grace I'm offering to you here in return by not demanding next day bookings, or fast turnarounds. This is for forming longer term relationships full of mutual understanding and support.

Don't walk away from the magic of this slow and sustainable branding process


You've  Made It this Far

Here's everything free and low cost I offer.

Not ready to jump in to custom brand identity design yet? Here's a list of all the free and low-cost things I offer. You can also contact me with other design or branding requests.

FREE: The Blog
Read helpful articles on branding, business, and creativity on my blog! Updated monthly.

FREE: The Tree House - Online Community
A place to connect with other creatives and small business owners, learn from the stories shared, and get support with designing and building your brand

FREE & PAID: The Tree House - Online Community + Courses
You can sign up to my course portal for free, and the community space is integrated! Once you're inside you can see all the courses and trainings I offer. Watch the first video of the Rebrand Roadmap for free.

£50: The Rebrand Roadmap (first video free)
If you're looking for just enough info to get you moving with your rebrand, and tailored feedback and advice along the way via my online community (like having an experienced designer in your back pocket!),
this is for you!

£150+ Wayfinder Session
If you'd like to pick my brains about running a design business, or you need advice on anything branding or design related, contact me to get the booking link for a Wayfinder session. The sessions are delivered via voice
notes on the Voxer app and there are varying lengths available.