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Brand Wayfinder

Feeling stuck about which direction to take your brand identity in? Let me put a plan together for you so you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

The Wayfinder

Those who have walked a footpath, or traversed a city will have seen a Wayfinder. They're the signposts that give you helpful hints about which way you need to go to reach your destination. More useful than a compass which tells you only which direction is N, S, E and W, but not an 'over explainer' like SatNav.

This is what I want to be for you.

You'll give me information about your business and how you'd like your brand to feel (this is your destination) and I'll give you a big nudge in the right direction. I'll show you how you can translate the words of how you want your brand to feel, into a brand identity design.

How it works

1. Sign up

When you sign up you'll unlock a video series that gives you the background information about the branding process. You'll also unlock access to a Brand Discovery Workbook.

2. Fill in the workbook

Download the template workbook from your account. Take some time to fill in the questions as fully as you can, and then upload and submit it back to me.

3. Hello design clarity! 😍

Once you've submitted your workbook back to me, I'll get to work putting together your brand plan. After 7 days, you'll receive a pdf document with a wealth of information including a mood board, colour palette, and a written explanation about the best direction to go in with your brand identity.

Here's what you'll get access to

When you sign up you'll unlock a branding video series that gives you a great foundational understanding of my approach to branding after working with many types of small business owners during the past decade. Watch this before you dive into filling in the workbook 🙌🏼

What you'll receive

Want to see an example of the Brand Wayfinder plan you'll receive? Click below to take a look.

What people are saying

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The workbook at the start of the process was really helpful – I found that it gave direction and purpose to my thoughts about my brand.

Emma Howells: FOREST Flower Studio

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I am both thrilled and surprised with the outcome. I feel like you picked up on something that was in my head that I hadn’t quite identified yet and I’m really grateful for that.

Sarah Petch: NEVE Wellness

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I've adored the experience of working with Meg on my branding and I'm totally in love with the result!

Katie Uniacke

Move forwards with confidence and clarity

Once you have your Brand Wayfinder plan, you'll be so much clearer on what your brand identity needs to look like to achieve your desired feeling and vibe.

It's the perfect document to help you design your own branding, or you can hand it over to a graphic designer, brand designer, or web designer. Think of it as a 'brief' for any designer you hire.

You'll also be welcome to work further with me to design your branding (subject to my availability).

So what do you say? Ready to get started?

Let's get started

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About Meg

Hello! I'm your friendly, (online) neighbourhood brand designer. I want to demystify the branding process for you so it feels less "WTF am I doing?" and more "Hell yeah I'm doing it!".

I've worked with countless small businesses over the last decade, from jewellers, to food businesses, to florists. And from bricks and mortar shop owners to online only service based businesses. I understand the nuanced needs of each industry, and I'm here to pull a cohesive look and feel together for you so you can move forwards with confidence and clarity.


Ready? Let's get started!

I can't wait to learn all about your business and create your Brand Wayfinder plan.

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