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Blog articles rooted in nature, the seasons and cycles, slow living, and running a soulful small business

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Small business

For the last decade I've worked with many types of small businesses on their branding - from bricks and mortar shops to food businesses, to jewellers, to online businesses. Have a read all about a wilder approach to branding and business here.

Slow & thoughtful living

As an unschooling Mum, artist, sourdough baker, and cottage garden grower, I strive to live life a little slower. Read all the lifestyle posts I've shared here.

Nature & the Seasons

I believe in aligning everything I do with nature, and the seasons and cycles of the year, because we ARE part of nature. It's in our bones. Explore posts all about that here.

Meg's Portfolio

Read posts and get inspired by all the brand identity designs I've created for my clients over the years.