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Hello Wonderful Soul! I see you dreaming about having a brand identity that really evokes your passion for the ultimate muse: Nature.

It's not just about having natural elements in your logo. There are threads of meaning that run through your work and your brand, but representing that with enough depth in your visual branding and marketing feels hard.

What if I showed you a system for underpinning your brand with all the wisdom and magic of the seasons?

What if I showed you how to find a unique blend of natural aspects to inspire your brand identity?

What if I showed you ways to weave meaningful nature symbolism throughout your branding without it feeling like you're trying too hard?

I'm ready if you are?!

After this video masterclass you'll come away with inspiration, and strategies for building natural, seasonal meaning and magic into your branding.

Course curriculum

Watch it right away...or at your own pace.

This recorded masterclass is broken down into manageable chunks - you can watch it all right away, or take it a bit at a time.

We'll get inspired by the elements, the seasons, and symbolism and I'll show you examples of how my strategies and thought process work in practice with real world brand identities.

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