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How breaking your 1to1 service down into pay-as-you-go containers could be the key to more ease and flow in business, for both you and your clients.

I'd love to share with you how and why I broke my 1to1 service down into pay-as-you-go sections. Each stage is a potent, soft edged container of action that moves us along just enough. The client gets a tangible outcome, and I get to tick off a stage and have it leave my brain until the client is ready to move forward again.

Hello sweet calendar white space for me AND flexible, financially accessible services for my clients - a magical combination.

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What's covered?

Video 1: 12 mins

An introduction to what pay-as-you go services are, why you might want to offer them, and the background info about why I created this type of offer.

Video 2: 14 mins

Behind the scenes of my pay-as-you-go service, the deliverables I offer, exactly how it's delivered, and what my clients say about this style of service.

Video 3: 21 mins

12 things to consider when creating your own pay-as-you-go service, pros and cons, software considerations, marketing your service and final thoughts.

Audio and slide downloads available + closed captions on videos.

As featured in Freelancer Magazine:

"Gentle and inspiring business advice from one of our favourite creatives, Meg Harrop. In this low-cost, easy-to-implement three part video series, Meg will help you get off the over-delivering hamster wheel you find yourself stuck on so you can add more ease and flow into the work you do. The result? More white space in your calendar, more focus on the things you enjoy doing, more happy clients and…more cash in the bank. At £9 this is a no-brainer for anyone teetering on the edge of burnout, or feeling creatively frozen (or both!)."

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Roberta Rechena

"I purchased your PAYG training this morning and already watched it - I think it's so generous of you to give such a transparent insight of your process and how everything is working with you and this format. Thanks for being such an inspiration!"

— Roberta Rechena

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Let me show you how I brought more ease and flow into my business with pay-as-you-go services 😍

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