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The Process -

The Process -

Step 1: Sow the seeds


When you sign-up for Unfurl your Brand, you'll pay £150. This acts as your deposit so you’re officially on my client list! This fee is non-refundable. 

Inside your account is a 'milestone' all setup and ready for you to work through. You'll get a coupon code for free access to my 'Branding by Nature' masterclass which is the perfect introduction to the branding process, and a Brand Discovery Workbook to fill in so I have a good understanding of your business and brand.

Previous clients say that the questions help them to focus their ideas around their branding 💛

Step 2: Watch it grow


When you're ready, you'll book a session with me via the calendar in your account. We’ll chat via voice notes on an app called Voxer (it's a lot like Whatsapp) so we can fit this in and around our day-to-day lives. No Zoom calls, bliss right?!

I'll create a collaborative mood board on Pinterest to come up with the new visual direction for your branding which we'll talk through.

After the session, I’ll upload a finalised pdf mood board and colour palette to your account, click here to see an example. We can revise this twice.

STEP 3: Let it unfurl


I’ll hit the ground running with the help of the mood board and colour palette we finalised, and create assets for your brand identity. We’ll keep in touch via Voxer and you’ll have the chance to feedback twice. You’ll receive your new brand assets at the end of the design sprint.

On a 1 week sprint I can create your new logo design with one alternative version (for example a circular version).

Book further design sprints to create more assets for your brand identity. The logo design is the part that takes the most time to get right, so you can expect to have multiple new assets on further sprints.

The Why -

The Why -

Why deliver brand design in this way?

After becoming a Mum and experiencing burn-out from trying to do ‘all the things’, my perspective shifted. The post-pandemic world is different, we’re different. I believe the ways in which we run businesses and offer services also needs to shift and so I wanted to offer a more accessible way to work with a professional designer on your brand identity.

Branding, but make it flexible.

With this pay-as-you-go process there’s no contract or pre-determined timeline, so if you need to wait for a couple of months to book in the next stage it’s totally fine. I’ll keep in touch as a courtesy, but I won’t pressure you at any point.

Go through the steps in quick succession, or space them out for maximum integration time in-between. Work this around family and financial commitments, your energy levels, and the needs of your business.

The one thing I know for sure is that everything is better when we take the time to let it unfurl at a sustainable pace.

All I ask is that you are serious about working together on the entirety of your brand identity. Although there’s no contract and you aren’t obligated at any point to continue all the way through, I still want you to think before booking the first step. 

I would love to be a long-term design partner for your brand, and future bookings can be week long design sprints, or a quick single day.

The portfolio -

The portfolio -

The sign up bit -

The sign up bit -

Ready to get started?

Before you book in, please give me a few details about your business so I can make sure we're a good fit for working together. Once I've received and approved this you'll get your link to sign up and pay the £150 deposit. I can't wait to hear from you! 💛

About Meg

How would it feel to have a brand identity that truly represents your unique magic, and a system for exactly how to use that identity so everything feels cohesive and (whisper it) beautifully professional?

I’m Meg, the designer and illustrator behind Lemon & Birch. I believe that wherever you are in your business journey, you deserve beautiful design assets that make it easy for you to show your business off in its best light.

Your small business matters. You might work in it part time, you might have a small team of employees, or you might be happily somewhere in the middle - either way, your work is valid, and special, and oh-so worthy of professional branding.

I’m sure you can do everything alone, but you don’t have to. I’m here to help you infuse your unique mix of values, and your heart and soul into your brand identity so that it feels full to the brim with meaning and magic! 

The FAQs

Why Voxer voice notes in place of calls?

Voxer is a messaging app similar to Whatsapp. It allows us the send voice notes, text messages, short videos, links etc. back and forth.

I use this app as a complimentary communication tool alongside your client account and email because it allows us to connect and talk in a very flexible and free flowing way.

On video or voice calls, the temptation can be to keep talking or answer immediately when what you actually need is time to process a piece of information and respond in a more thoughtful way. I’ve also found in the past that needing to schedule in calls at a mutually accessible time and date slows down the whole creative process.

Instead, by using voice notes while working on our project together, communication still feels personal, but allows for reflection between the talking, and keeps the work flowing even with time zone differences and conflicting schedules. Overall, our work together will feel laidback, but free flowing and productive.

“Our communication through a mix of voice notes and messages was a little out of my comfort zone initially, but I found it to be a very effective way to respond to ideas and the whole process was very quick; which was exactly what I needed for my imminent store opening date.” Emma Howells - FOREST Flower Studio 

Will I get to choose from multiple logo options?

No, I do not create multiple logo options for you to choose from.

I take into account a wealth of information and research to create your logo and visual branding, and present one concept only.

I aim to create a design that is both beautiful and functional, perfectly representing you and your business, as well as being uniquely tailored to appeal to the people that will love what you do.

We work through the discovery and mood board phases first, so the design has plenty of ground-work, and there’s the opportunity for two rounds of refinement on all design work.

What if I change my mind about working together?

That's fine - you're not signing up to a contract. You'll book and pay for sessions as and when you need them, there is no pre-determined timeline and there's never any obligation to continue working together.

I cannot offer a refund on the initial £150, or any sessions that have already been booked and worked through. If you have any questions at all you can email me at

Let's make brand magic together -

Let's make brand magic together -

Ready to get started?

Before you book in, please give me a few details about your business so I can make sure we're a good fit for working together. Once I've received and approved this you'll get your link to sign up and pay the £150 deposit. I can't wait to hear from you! 💛

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